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Speedmark believes that in this fast paced environment, with valuable cargo transported from Country to Country, that security and safety rank equally as a service offered to our customers. Speedmark is committed to continuously find the best practice available in securing our customers goods.

We realize that not only securing your cargo is in our best interest, but also in the best interest of your customers as well. Speedmark’s security standards and processes represent an added-value for all our customers and their supply chain requirements.

Benefits of working with Speedmark:

  • C-TPAT validated security program (Contact Us for our SVI number)
  • TAPA Members
  • State of the art security guidelines to coincide with our Insurance practices
  • On going training for employees and vendors
  • Limited number of claims
  • On going communication
  • Constant review with customers and vendors for state of the art solutions


Speedmark participates in the voluntary C-TPAT program. We have completed an online electronic application that includes submission of corporate information, a supply chain security profile, and an acknowledgement of an agreement to voluntarily participate. We conducted a comprehensive self-assessment of our supply chain security procedures using the C-TPAT security criteria or guidelines jointly developed by CBP and the Freight Forwarder community. In 2007 our security program was validated by C-TPAT officers. Please contact us for our SVI number.

Speedmark Guidelines:

  • Business Partner Requirements
  • Procedural Security
  • Physical Security
  • Personnel Security,
  • Education and Training
  • Access Controls
  • Manifest Procedures
  • Information Security
  • Conveyance Security


Certifications Year
IATA Agent 1972
IAC 1994
Haz-mat Various
C-TPAT Certified 2003
C-TPAT Verified 2007
FMC 1991
TAPA A level (SFO) 2007
ISO 9001-2000 (China) 2004
ISO 9001-2000 (Taiwan) 1995
ISO 9001-2000 (Singapore) 1999
ISO 9001-2000 (Thailand) 2006
ISO 9001-2000 (Hong Kong) 2001
Organizations / Associations
NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association)
TAPA (Technology Asset Protection Association)
Singapore Logistics Association
SAAA (Singapore Aircargo Agents Association)
HAFFA, Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics LTD.
TIACA (The International Air Cargo Association)
AFAM (Air Frieght Forwarders Association)
Sri Lanka Frieght Forwarders Association
FAPAA (Federation of Asia Pacific Air Cargo Association)