Speedmark Transportation Automotive Industry Solutions

Several key factors have led to changes in supply chain of the Automotive Industry. OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) now use multiple levels of suppliers that require complex synchronization from supplier to manufacturer. The growth of the Automotive Aftermarket has led to the creation of programs with Dealers requiring “On Demand” responses for customers needs.

Speedmark has facilities in most major sourcing and shipping locations, and our global network facilitates access to some of the most remote locations on the globe. This global support gives us the ability to remain in compliance with common industry standards while effectively scheduling shipments to coincide with the manufacturer’s needs. Speedmark’s P.O. Management system along with the help of the responsive Speedmark team can help to keep stock levels low and the flow smooth with “just in time & just in sequence” deliveries to the production plant.

The Speedmark team offers the flexibility with an eye on deadlines and cost demanded by automobile manufacturers and their suppliers.

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